30 min $35
60 min $70


(Two students maximum)

30 min $25 each
60 min $50 each


FEES: Lesson fees are payable on a weekly basis, with one lesson paid in advance. Fees are payable by direct debit or cash. Invoices are sent by email.

CALENDAR: Classes are structured around the public school calendar. However, if both student and teacher agree on a lesson during public school holidays, the lesson can be held. Please inform management by email or SMS of the time and date of the lesson.

NOTICE OF CHANGE/ABSENCE: Prior notice of at least 24 hours must be provided of an absence to avoid a cancellation fee. The fee is the full price of a lesson.

LATE START: When a class is started late due to a student’s late arrival, the class will be completed on time, and no make-up time will be offered. When a class is started late due to a teacher’s late arrival, the class will be completed on time and a make-up class for the time that was missed will be offered in its place at no charge.

CHANGE OF TEACHER: If for any reason your teacher abruptly discontinues his/her teaching, we will make every effort to organize a replacement teacher. If applicable, a refund will be given if no replacement teacher is available to take over the lesson.

MAKE UP CLASSES: Please note that make-up classes may be scheduled with a different teacher. If the class is cancelled due to teacher absence, the students will be notified by SMS or email. In this case, a make-up class will be arranged either with the original teacher or a different teacher. This is subject to availability.

LONG LEAVE: In the event of a student's extended absence, a new time slot will be agreed to on the student's return.

FEEDBACK (Compliments, Suggestions, Complaints): Please let us know! All Teachers at MOTOWN music school aim to provide you and yours with the best possible service.

EQUIPMENT RENTAL: If you are an existing student, no deposit is required. You just pay the weekly rental. Non existing students will be required to pay equipment rental which is approximately one week in advance and a $100 security deposit which will be refunded upon return of equipment.